Quarantine Course - Group Feedback Challenge - live online.

*New Challenge set each session*

This course is all about the art of creating a series- something that can only be done with the help of a few outside opinions! Anyone who's been on one of our holidays will know that sets and series, rather than stand-alone images, are the gold standard in photography. This online workshop is all about creating something new using your existing photographs. Enforced downtime is the perfect opportunity to make a book or website, and learn valuable skills that will inform your shooting when you're out and about again. And all this with the help of some fellow Frui photographers. 

How does it work?

- After booking the course, make sure you've installed the Zoom app on your computer (we can help with this if you don't have it already), and receive a meeting code so that you can join the online course. You'll also be asked to prepare a selection of images that you'd like feedback on, or a link to your pictures online.

- We'll start with a lesson about the power of combining images, and techniques that can make a set of pictures stronger than the sum of it's parts. Everyone will be online, and free to chip in and ask questions.

- For inspiration, your tutor will show an example of a photographic series by famous photographer, and then set a brief based on the pictures. By sharing the tutor's screen, you'll all be able to see the same images at the same time.

- We'll take a short break while you try to find images from your back catalogue that match the brief!

- The second part of the course will be about reviewing some of your past work, and helping turn it into a set.

- The tutor will show each attendee's work in turn.

- Everyone can offer their constructive criticism: which are the strongest images, how they relate to each other and how they could form a series.

What you'll learn in this 2-hour live online course.

- The art of a great photo story or series- as demonstrated by some iconic photographers.

- Outside opinions are one of the most valuable ways to improve your photography: both in terms of technique and creativity.

- Ideas for sequencing and organising your images into sets.

- About your own personal style and how you might develop it.

Included in this 2-hour live online course.

- 2 hours online with one of Frui's experienced photography tutors to moderate and offer professional advice.

- Input from your fellow keen photographers.

- Be sociable with like-minded creatives!

Do you have a voucher for this course? If so, please email us.