Quarantine Course - Still Life Follow Up - live online.

If the lockdown still life course has given you a taste for this super creative genre, this 2 hr follow-up will help you take your skills to the next level. It's packed with practical exercises that will give you even more ideas and inspiration which you can use to get creative under quarantine. We'll be recreating some of the techniques used on high-end studio shoots using only what we have at home!

How does it work?

- After booking the course, you'll receive a Zoom meeting code so that you can join the online course.
- After meeting your tutor and fellow shutterbugs over video, you'll have a live explanation and demonstration of some more advanced still life lighting techniques utilising everyday household items. 
- You'll have chance to try them out yourself 
- The tutor will be online throughout the course to give you tips, help and feedback. 
- There will be breaks during which you can download your photos and send some to the tutor. We'll then be able to look at some of the group's best work, live online!

What you'll learn in this 2-hour live online course:

- How to manipulate available light to really bring your subject to life
- Challenging still- life skills such as capturing steam and photographing glass.
-Look at the work of top photographers in the field and learn how it can inform and inspire your own photography.
-A demonstration of common digital manipulations that can enhance your pictures.
-Group feed back session.

Included in this 2-hour live online course:

- 2 hours online with one of Frui's experienced photography tutors
- A specially designed PDF handout
- Be social with like-minded creatives! 
- Group feed back session

What do I need to take part?

-A computer with the Zoom app installed
-A camera (preferably with P,S,A,M or P,Tv,Av,M modes
-A tripod