Quarantine Course - Advanced Camera Settings Session- live online.

If you've mastered the basics of your camera- ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture- and want to venture behind some of those other important-looking buttons on your camera, this is the course for you! With a focus on recreating the social experience of our physical workshops as closely as possible, this course will use the Zoom app for group interaction and live feedback on your photos!

How does it work?

- After booking the course, you'll receive an email with details including a Zoom meeting code so that you can join the online course.

- When you join the meeting, you’ll be greeted by your tutor and introduced to the rest of the group.

- This section will cover metering modes, focus and focus area modes, white balance and exposure lock.

- Have a cup of tea or coffee ready and your camera to hand; your tutor will take you through the key settings on a camera and be there to help you find them on your own model.

- You’ll have the chance to experiment on subjects around the house, and there’ll always be the tutor online to offer you help and advice.

- We'll then take a break to download the pictures. You can send some to the tutor, who will pick out the best ones to show to the group!

What you'll learn in this 2-hour live online course.

- Metering modes and how to use them to get better exposures

- Focussing modes and areas and how they can help you get sharper images

- White Balance and it's creative uses

- How to do all this on your own camera, with a chance to put it into practice and receive feedback from an expert tutor

Included in this 2-hour live online course.

- 2 hours online with one of Frui's experienced photography tutors

- A specially designed PDF handout

- Be social with like minded creatives! 

Do you have a voucher for this course? If so, please email us.