Move on from the basics!

So you know the fundamentals of composition, ISO, shutter speed and aperture. Now you are going to learn how to make your photos even more brilliant! Like our beginners workshop, this course is divided into two halves.

In the first part you'll delve deeper into the technical controls of your camera, learning about more of it's handy features and when to use them. This part of the course is designed to help you to really make the most of what your camera can do. Using down-to-earth language and practical demonstrations, your tutor will take you through settings like metering modes, white balance and exposure lock. Afterwards you'll head outside and practice some of the techniques you've learnt, with your tutor on hand to demonstrate and help you out.

The second part of the course focuses on improving the creative side of your photography. You'll be out and about in a vibrant street location, learning about four great photographers and what it is that makes their photos so distinctive. Guided by your tutor you'll explore the area with your camera, trying to capture images in the style of these photographers, and perhaps even starting to develop your own personal photographic 'style'.

As with any Frui course, this sociable and fun workshop will leave you feeling more confident with your camera and inspired to get out there and put your new skills into practice!

30 January 2022 –  £89   £45 10.30am - 1.30pm Southbank

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