A 2-Hour Introduction to Using your Digital Camera

During this workshop you will learn the basics of digital SLR photography, from exposure to shutter speeds, as well as get to grips with your camera and its modes. 

Whether you choose to attend the course in Southbank, Spitalfields or Hampstead, by the end of this workshop you'll be able to confidently go out with your camera and capture the kind of photographs you want to take.

This short course is ideal for novices who want to learn the fundamentals of digital photography in easy to understand bite-size chunks. For a slightly more in depth beginner’s workshop with more one-to-one attention try our 4 hour comprehensive beginners workshop.

What camera do you need?

This course is suited to any camera with manual modes such as P, S, Tv, A or Av. Basically, DSLRs, Bridge and compact Micro System cameras.

Don't have a digital SLR? You can hire one from us! Just email us for availability.

Do you have a voucher for this course? If so, please email us.