Capture the Winter Lights of Bristol

Spruce up your night time images and learn how to capture the lights or their reflections on this super fun and rewarding photography walk around the city and docks, any camera will do for this but one with manual settings gets better results!

On the walk you will be introduced to some fundamental techniques, whether it's static lights, passing headlights or long exposures of Bristol landmarks.

Accompanied by one of Frui's expert photography tutors, you'll be guided through a series of fun and eye opening photography exercises, which will result in you having total control of how you want your night light shots to look! By the end of this photography workshop you'll have a collection of striking images.

Frui’s tutors are all highly experienced, passionate, entertaining and knowledgeable! This courses will open your eyes to a new creative skill, while having fun.

28 January 2022 –  £69   £29 Walk around Bristol 7.00pm - 8.30 pm

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