Photography Road Trip in the American Deep South

Hit the road in search of adventure, inspiration and the ultimate Americana


Following in the footsteps of Robert Frank, William Eggleston and countless others before us, we’re hitting the highway, cameras in hand, in search of inspiration. Over ten days we’ll drive from Atlanta to New Orleans via the Great Smoky Mountains, Nashville and Memphis. We'll stop at photogenic small towns, roadside diners and expansive American vistas. Watch live music in dive bars, boat through swamps and bayous, visit plantation houses and learn to cook cajun food.

Why Photograph Here?

Because the ‘Deep South’ has inspired some of the world's greatest photography and cinema. But it’s also home to some of the world’s music capitals and, importantly for Frui, distinctive and delicious regional food and drink. The concept of the American Road Trip has also provided creative inspiration for countless people over the years, and on this trip, the journey itself will provide as much subject matter as the beautiful locations we visit.

What Makes This Trip Special?

This holiday will be all about the spirit of adventure and the open road. Although we’ve planned the most important stops and destinations, we don’t know exactly what we’ll find along the way and that’s all part of the fun!

Let's Go

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