What you'll learn

What you’ll learn on this Explorer Photography Holiday

Our Explorer Photography Holidays are packed with on-location tuition. You'll be with a likeminded group, lead by an experienced and attentive tutor, so you can feel comfortable taking your time experimenting with different photography techniques. Much of what you will learn will depend on your individual needs, however, on this holiday you will have the opportunity to learn about:

  • Rules of landscape composition, both basic and more advanced
  • All about exposure, from ISO, shutter speed and aperture and more advanced exposure techniques
  • How to plan and shoot on location to ensure you capture the best of your subject
  • Portraiture photography techniques
  • Landscape photography techniques
  • Night photography techniques
  • How to review and edit your own images to create a series

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“Young, cool, funny and enthusiastic organisers”

Why you’ll love this holiday

‘I go every year. Each time I make new friends, learn new things and get better shots! The Frui tutors are great fun with buckets of talent.’

Chris, Photography in Kerala