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Explorer Holidays with Frui

Our Explorer Holidays take you even further into the unexplored heart of a destination. Away from the crowds and the tourist savvy locals, Explorer Holidays offer you the chance to experience and record unique insights into different cultures.

You can expect the same unsurpassed service, tuition and fantastic groups on our Explorer Holidays. The main difference will be the type of accommodation, the fitness requirements and the smoothness of the roads! This comes with the territory if you really want to get off the tourist trail.

We're sure you have a few questions so hopefully we can answer some of them here:

How fit do I have to be to join an Explorer Holiday?

Generally our Explorer Holidays will involve a few hours hiking across uneven terrain on some days. You don't have to be Indiana Jones, but you do need to be a confident walker and consider yourself to be physically fit. Porters will be on hand to carry your bags if necessary.

What sort of accommodation will we be staying in?

Accommodation will range from 2 to 3 star hotels as well as the odd night camping. All hotels will be clean and professionally managed, but they may not be the kind of hotels that have hairdryers, TVs and minibars in every room. If your particular holiday involves camping, we will provide the tends, but we recommend you bring your own sleeping bag and mat.

How long are the road transfers?

On some occasions we will be driving for a few hours along uneven roads. Beautiful scenery and friendly locals will line the side of the roads, but if you are prone to travel sickness, please consult your doctor regarding the best medication. As always with Frui, there'll be plenty of refreshment stops along the way.

Do I need to pack any outdoor gear?

A good pair of well worn walking boots is a must. So is wet weather gear and insect repellent. Walking sticks are optional, but please do get in touch for further requirements for specific holidays.

And what about camera equipment?

The main thing to make sure you bring is at least two spare batteries. If we are camping overnight, there may not be the opportunity to charge your battery. Specifics about lenses and other kit will be emailed to you before the holiday.

How much tuition will I receive?

Unlike our other holidays where we usually start the day with a sit down workshop, our Explorer Holidays will put much more emphasis on tuition 'in the field'. At every moment your tutor will be on hand to offer advice and creative inspiration but if you feel like you need to get to grips with the basics before the holiday why not join our one-day photography workshop.


You won't need anything other than the standard requirements for the particular destination. We can provide you with a list of suggested vaccinations, but the best thing to do is consult your doctor.

If you have any other questions please do get in touch!

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‘The tuition was first rate, my fellow students were great fun, Italy was beautiful and the whole trip was brilliant. Frui nailed it!’

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