Painting Holidays Sardinia

Explore Sardinia, an Italian island full of varied landscapes, cuisine, culture and flamingos. Yes, flamingos! 

Away from the tourist hotspots in the north, this painting holiday will introduce you to the old-world charms of the south west. An unspoilt corner of the Mediterranean, you’ll see and paint the layered history of old Sardinian towns, rugged landscapes tumbling down to the azure oceans and characterful locals whiling away their golden years with silent friends on park benches.

The joy of food will play a big part of your holiday, too! Not only will you get hands-on in the kitchen making ravioli, you’ll also be given personal insights into local cheese production and feast on the best of regional dishes in hidden trattorias and farms.

And, as always with Frui, our attentive guides and tutors will organise everything for you and cater for your every need. Everything from shopping trips, personal guides, excursions, restaurants, accommodation and transfers - it's like having your very own butler with you on holiday! You won't need to worry about a thing, allowing you to focus on having fun, relaxing and being creative.

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23 – 29 May 2018 Book Now

“I go home feeling empowered and like I have genuinely learnt something.”

Why you’ll love this holiday

‘The group was fantastic. Our photo tutor was always nearby to answer my questions and offer advice. I also ate and drank my own body weight in truffles, pasta and Prosecco!’

Lucy, Photography in Istria