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Galicia is a uniquely different part of Spain with a distinct culture, a distinct regional language, dress and music. Galician cuisine is just as distinct - built predominantly on a long and fruitful relationship with the Atlantic and the Mar Cantabrico it revolves around fish, shellfish, crustaceans (and potatoes rather than rice or pasta). The Galicians know a thing or two about cooking fish! Octopus, oysters and mussels in salsa, lamprey with pepper, cod empanada, tortillas and artisan cheeses are all going to amaze your palate on this holiday. We are going to learn to prepare and enjoy these dishes under the tutelage of professional chefs amid scenic views of picturesque fishing villages and the ocean.

Surprisingly few tourists wander far from the famous Pilgrim’s road to Santiago, so most miss the opportunity to explore one of Spain’s most remarkable regions. But this is bound to change very soon. Galicia's forested mountains, temperate climate and rugged coastlines are drawing visitors fast, as are, for good reason, its fine wines, some such as those from the Galician Albarino grape have international reputations and some really fresh (and cheap) wines are so local they never see the light of day outside a small town or even sometimes outside an individual restaurant! We will try both!

Now more than ever is the time to visit Galicia’s vineyards. Join us in learning more about fabulous Galician foods and wines. We will be spending our days visiting great food and wine locations and learning to cook.  In the evenings we are following Luciano Pavarotti's advice for a happy life and "stopping whatever we are doing to devote our attention to eating and drinking". We have planned meals with great food and wines in beautiful locations in the company of those fabulous like minded people who help make Frui holidays so special.

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“I go home feeling empowered and like I have genuinely learnt something.”

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‘It was a joy being with such a friendly group and I cannot recommend Frui highly enough. I’m planning my third Frui holiday already!’

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