A Comprehensive Introduction to Digital Photography in  Spitalfields or Southbank

Learn and expand on the basics of digital photography while taking in picturesque surroundings of Spitalfields or Southbank. 

This comprehensive beginners 4 hour course is ideally suited to those wishing to get to grips with their camera and also learn some fundamental compositional techniques alongside the ins and outs of exposure. On this longer and more extensive course you'll also learn some tips about composition and have a chance to put you skills to test under the watchful eyes of the tutor in some exciting locations.

With a choice of locations to get your creative juices flowing, boasting a number of photographic gems, from historic streets to spectacular London views! All this means that by the end of the day you’ll not only have got to grips with the basics of digital photography, but you’ll also have some fantastic images to take home with you!

 A truly fun, inspiring and sociable day consisting of beautiful surroundings and jargon-free, down to earth tuition.

What camera do you need?

This course is suited to any camera with manual modes such as P, S, Tv, A or Av. Basically, DSLRs, Bridge and compact Micro System cameras.

Don't have a digital SLR? You can hire one from us! Just email us for availability.

8 January 2022 –  £100   £39 Hampstead, 10.30am -2.30pm

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15 January 2022 –  £100   £39 Southbank, 10.30am-2.30pm

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22 January 2022 –  £100   £39 Spitalfields, 10.30am-2.30pm

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