Move your portrait drawing skills on, whether you are a beginner and not very confident or you're ready to to take your drawing to a higher level - this Part 2 is for you!

Either you are confident in your drawing skills or you have developed the taste for portrait drawing from our Part 1 course, then this course will reaffirm and build on the drawing techniques you have already aquired. In the inspiring setting of the National Portrait Gallery, our wonderful Frui tutors will guide you through some more maybe slightly challenging subjects and angles.

We will take the time to focus on drawing specific facial features such as ears, lips and noses – and how they can change when viewed from different angles. The aim is to learn the skills to capture a likeness of your subject, in an encouraging and relaxed way in the embracing atmosphere of one of London’s top galleries.

It’s not all work, work, work, as this is a Frui day course after all! We’ll also enjoy a lovely lunch break (either your own packed lunch or bought from the cafe) and have a truly fun, inspiring and sociable day together consisting of beautiful surroundings and jargon-free, down to earth tuition.

27 July 2019 –  £99   £35 NPG 10am - 4pm

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25 August 2019 –  £99   £35 NPG 10am - 4pm

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