Perspective, Scale and Space!

You may still consider yourself a beginner or not . . . but this is another stage on the road to developing your skills and confidence in drawing!

With a focus on techniques used to create perspective in your drawings, you will learn how to give your studies depth and scale.  Working from the wonderful architecture of the V&A museum, you’ll spend the day sketching the beautiful building and interior rooms.  Our amazing and experienced tutors will teach you rules of perspective, things like 'vanishing points' and ‘sight angles', which will transform your drawings of buildings. 

If the weather permits, we’ll spend some time outside drawing in the grand courtyard.  For colder/wetter seasons we’ll work inside the museum’s architecture room, drawing exquisite models.  The course is perfect for both beginners and people who have previous drawing experience.

But it’s not all work, work, work, as this is a Frui day course after all! We’ll also enjoy a lovely lunch break (either your own packed lunch or bought from the cafe) and have a truly fun, inspiring and sociable day together consisting of beautiful surroundings and jargon-free, down to earth tuition.