Documentary photography: Photographing the anti- Trump protest

President Trump is coming to London! And what better way to mark this momentous occasion than with a Frui photography course. We won't be photographing The Donald himself of course (though an giant inflatable version might make an appearance), but the thousands of people taking to the streets of London in a colourful 'Carnival of Resistance'.

Led by one of Frui's documentary photography experts, we'll first meet in a cafe in Soho to learn some essential tips and techniques for covering a protest.

We'll then head out to capture some quirky, informative and powerful images on the fringes of the protest, visiting one of the feeder marches as they prepare to join the masses.

After re- grouping we'll continue on to Regent's Street and grab some images of the main mass of protesters as they head towards Trafalgar Square.


  • Meet in Soho at noon.
  • Sit down in a cafe for a drink and initial group introduction
  • Your tutor will guide you through the camera techniques you'll need and give you some top tips and expert suggestions based on their experience of documnetary photography
  • You'll be set some simple challenges to give you a focus as you photograph the action
  • Heading out into Soho you'll photograph the Drag Protest Against Trump as it gets ready to to joing the main march
  • Moving on to Regent's Street you'll capture the drama of the masses of protesters walking down to Trafalgar Square
  • At 4pm you'll head to a local pub to rest your feet, grab a drink and have a look at the group's images from the day with the appraisal of the tutor
  • Finishing around 4:30 you can either head home, or rejoin the rally at Trafalgar Square!

What's included

  • Expert photography tuition and worksheet
  • Historic event

Not included

  • Your camera equipment. We recommend keeping this to a minimum- one or two lenses and a camera body will be fine.
  • Food and drink

5 November 2018 –  £180 Lewes Bonfire Event

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