Outdoor flash photography

Join Frui as we embark on a day of flash photography on the streets of London.

A flashgun is a powerful tool: used badly it can ruin your images, but in the right hands it opens a whole world of creative possibilities.

Guided by one of Frui's grandmasters of flash,  you’ll focus on different ways to use off-camera flash with radio triggers, with a variety of settings, people and subjects.

As the light changes from dusk to night time, we'll explore how to use our flash to the best effect.


  • Meet in Soho at 6:30 pm
  • Sit down in a bar for a drink and initial group introduction
  • An introduction to the theory of flash, including how to use manual modes to balance the power of the flash with the ambient light
  • Working in pairs, we'll go through some demonstrations and excercises to help you understand how to angle the light, and the different effects that can be produced
  • An introduction to 'light modifiers'- attachments for the flashgun that change the quality of it's output
  • A series of photographic challenges to encourage you to experiment and put into practice the techniques
  • As the sun sets we'll learn to produce colourful shots that combine the light of the flash with the streetlights and neon signs of Soho.
  • Finish at 10:30pm, and go home with some fantastic flash shots to call your own!

What's included

  • All photography tuition
  • Central London location

Not included

  • Your camera equipment. Radio triggers and a flashgun will be required for this course. (Yongnuo make fairly reliable and very cheap flash triggers. A set of Yongnuo RF-603Cii should do the trick. Just make sure you get the right version for the brand of your camera)
  • Food and drink

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