Early Morning at Billingsgate Market

Join Frui as we embark on a documentary photography project, photographing the bustling market scenes at Billingsgate, London's premier fish market.

All great documentary projects start with access to an interesting subject. Early morning trade markets provide a great opportunity for a photo project. They're scenes full of action and visual interest unseen by most Londoners.


  • Meet by the market at 5:30am. Over a coffee, we'll go through some of the photography techniques we can use to capture the hustle and bustle and tell the story of the markets. These will vary from session to session and will include technical aspects such as shutter speed and focussing modes, as well as artistic concepts. As with all Frui workshops, there will be a handout featuring some great photographs to inspire you.
  • Your tutor will set you a series of challenges. These exercises encourage you to practice these techniques, and to get you looking at your subject matter in a different way.
  • Sit down for breakfast and review the images. Your tutor will use their laptop to select some of your best pictures and review them with the rest of the group. This is a great way to learn and get new ideas!
  • Finish at 9am, and go home with some fantastic market shots to call your own!

What's included

  • All photography tuition and specially designed handout
  • Permission to shoot in the exciting central London Billingsgate Markets

Not included

  • Your camera equipment
  • Food and drink


16 July 2019 –  £60 Introduction to Flash Photography

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20 July 2019 –  £60 Early morning at Billingsgate Market

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20 July 2019 –  £80 Simon's Street Studio

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4 August 2019 –  £60 Mystery Photography Day Out

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14 September 2019 –  £150 Seascapes and yachting photography

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