Time Warp

An opportunity for still life and interior photography- in the past. We've booked out the whole of Dennis Severs' house in Spitalfields for an hour of photography. Each room in this historic building is a 'still life theatre' set up to reflect a different era in the house's history. We will have exclusive use of the house to take photos for 1 hour.


  • Sit down in a local cafe for a photography lesson
  • Enter the house and move between the rooms, photographing the objects furnishings and decor that tell the staory of the time.
  • Step back out into the 21st century and head to a pub for a review and feedback session

What's Included

  • Exclusive use of the house to take photos for 1 hour
  • Expert tuition and worksheets

What's Not Included

  • Drinks

Next event

There are currently no dates available. Please check back soon.

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