Beginners landscape painting

If you've enjoyed our Drawing courses and want to take those tentative steps to trying your hand at painting then try our one day masterclass in the park with artist Selwyn Leamy (author of Tate's 'master oils' and 'read this if you want to be great at drawing') . During this workshop Selwyn will teach you how to use acrylic paints and mix primary colours, how to paint on canvas and board and how to work on a basic composition. Once you've got to grips with the essentials Selwyn will set you up with your own painting, and guide you through the steps to create your own masterpiece.

The last couple of hours of the session will be spent in the pub, for some drinks, merry making, and of course reviewing our paintings.


- 10:00am Arrive at Hampsted Station, walk down to the park.
- Morning talk and set up.
- 11:00 - 1pm Painting
- Lunch 1pm - 2pm
- Final painting session 2pm - 4pm
- Pub review 4:30pm - 5:30pm

What’s Included

- Painting tuition
- Specially designed worksheets
- All paints and drawing materials
- Drawing boards
- Review session with the great Selwyn leamy

What's not included

- Two small stretched canvases or canvas board (we are able to supply these for an additional cost)

What you will learn?

- The basics of painting from scratch, no experience necessary
- How to mix colours
- How to control your brushes
- How to how to build up the layers of a painting
- How to set up a painting and look at composition


The courses will be subject to good weather conditions, in the event of cancellation we will endeavor to organise a new date.

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