Is my money financially protected?

In compliance with UK travel industry regulations any money that you pay us for a holiday is locked away in a secure trust account managed by the TTA (Travel Trust Association). This means that we can't spend your money until you have returned from your holiday. So you can rest assured that when booking with Frui your money is 100% protected. Find out more about the TTA by visiting their website:

My partner and I would like to share a room. Does Frui offer a discount for couples?

Absolutely! The cost of our holidays are based on solo travellers so it’s only fair that if the two of you want to share a room we’ll give you a discount. Normally this discount will be 10% for each person, however, it varies slightly depending on which holiday you would like to go on. Please get in touch for further details.

I love being creative but sometimes I also like to just sit back and relax! How intensive are Frui holidays?

Part of the reason why our holidays are so fulfilling is because we always try to strike the right balance between teaching/activities and total relaxation time. It's up to you how much you would like to take part in, but our guides and tutors are always on hand for a chat, a spot of extra tuition or even a drink!

How much money should I take with me?

We try to include as much as possible in all our holidays. However, this does vary from holiday to holiday. Please refer to the ‘what’s included’ section of each holiday. We always take guests to lovely restaurants that we would choose to go to ourselves. Generally dinners will cost about £20 - £30 per head.

What kind of people go on Frui holidays & courses?

We are lucky to get a healthy mix of all ages. People on Frui holidays tend to be young at heart, good fun and sociable. Although they are serious about learning a creative discipline they also enjoy letting their hair down. We're happy to be able to say that all our groups get on so well they often remain in touch long after the holiday or course. They also join us from all corners of the world!

Are the holidays & courses physically strenuous?

With the exception of our 'Explorer Holidays', the only physical activity will be an hour or so of walking. Sometimes we walk up the odd hill or spend the morning wandering around a town or city. However, we endeavour to make everyone as comfortable as possible, no matter what. The physical aspects of our 'Explorer Holidays' varies depending on the destination. In all cases, however, if you are fit and healthy you won't have any problems! If you are worried about the physical aspects of a holiday please get in touch as we're happy to give you more information.

I have allergies or a very specific medical condition. Is this a problem?

Not at all, just make sure you let us know and we’ll make sure you are properly catered for.

Do I need to bring my own equipment on the holidays & courses?

We supply everything you will need, but you are more than welcome to bring some of your own tools if you wish. With our photography holidays and courses, it’s always best to learn on your own camera and if you don’t have one we do have Digital SLRs which you can hire for £15 per day.

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